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18/07/2018  Mystery surrounds the  large black granite sarcophagus that has been discovered in a tomb in Alexandria
18/07/2018  Saqqara burial ground discovery could reveal mummification secrets
12/07/2018`The FBI crack the DNA of an ancient Egyptian mummy
12/07/2018 Statue of  the god Osiris discovered in ancient Egyptian pyramid
12/07/2018  ancient Egyptian brewery over 5000 years old discovered
28/06/2018 “Buhen” the sunken fortress under the River Nile
28/06/2018 The children of Cleopatra and Mark Antony
28/06/2018 Egyptologist discover the Mummy case of a hawk actually contained human remains
28/06/2018  Canopic jars from 26th century discovered in Luxor
15/06/2018  The Making of Assassins Creed. “Interview with Perrine Poiron”
15/06/2018 Renovation of discovered head of Ramses II
15/06/2018 The Dream Stela of ancient Egypt
15/06/2018  Ancient Egypt: 3000 year old hieroglyphic formed writing discovered in desert
24/11/2017  ancient Egyptian artifacts returned to Egypt from Cyprus ministries,-vas.aspx
21/11/2017 Scientists announce discovery of a hidden chamber in Great Pyramid of Giza
21/11/2017 Discovered: New gold treasure from the tomb of Tutankhamun
21/11/2017  Discovered Ancient shipwrecks full of ancient Egyptian treasures
09/11/2017 Latest ancient Egyptian discoveries in Luxor
09/11/2017       2,000 year old ancient Egyptian child mummy reveals its secrets
09/11/2017 cursed tomb of pyramid workers opended 30 years after its discovery
09/11/2017 Egypt opens up three newly restored tombs in Luxor
09/11/2017  ancient remains of pregnant women discovered near ancient Egyptian temple of Hathor located by Kings Solomon Mine
09/11/2017 Big void discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza
18/10/2017 4000 year old wooden head of a female discovered Saqqara
01/10/2017  Gypsum head of Pharaoh Akhenaten discovered in Tel-El-Amarna
19/09/2017 Archaeologists discover tomb of Royal Goldsmith Amenemhat in Luxor (ancient Thebes)
19/09/2017  Newly unearthered ancient Egyptian tomb with mummies unveiled in Egypt
19/09/2017 Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh may be the worlds first known giant
06/08/2017 Five killed while illegally digging for antiquities in Egypt’s Sohag area
06/08/2017 King’s Tut camping bed was an ancient marvel
14/07/2017 Ancient Egyptian warnings, curses and ghosts
14/07/2017 Restoration of king Tuts armor complete
14/07/2017 The most famous ancient Egyptian site you have never heard of
14/07/2017 The women of Deir-al-Medina
14/07/2017  Seventeen mummies discovered at El-Minya site–mummies-unearthed-in-Egypts-ElMinya.aspx
14/07/2017 Embalming materials belong to the Middle Kingdom Vizier Ipi discovered on the West Bank
 14/07/2017 Egypt recovers four ancient Egyptian artefacts from the United Kingdom
14/07/2017 A lintel inscribed with the cartouche of Sesostris II was unearthed at Heryshef temple in Ihnasya
14/07/2017  Inscriptions showing early hieroglypic writings discovered at site in South Luxor
14/07/2017 Recreating the aroma on incense in the ancient city
14/07/2017 Pairing ancient history with fine wine
14/07/2017 Salvaging King Khufu’s second Solar Boat
06/06/2017 Five things to consider when dealing with Egyptian artifacts
06/05/2017  A new look at the pyramids of  ancient Nubia
06/05/2017 Two men killed when house collapsed  while they were doing illegal dig
06/05/2017 PHOTO GALLERY of latest discover of 18th Dynasty tomb of magistrate in West Luxor
06/05/2017 Egyptian archaeologists discover 18th Dynasty tomb of a magistrate in West Luxor
06/05/2017  Unique funerary garden discovered in ancient Thebes
12/03/2017 Archaeologists discover 66 statues of Sekmet the lioness goddess
11/03/2017 dig diary of Joint expedition to Malqata
11.03.2017  Ancient Egyptian statue of Ramses 11 discovered in Cairo dump
29/02/2017  Tutankhamun  ancient Egyptian funerary environment
29/02/2017  Tomos, ancient Kush Achaeological site  Diggers Blog
29/02/2017  More secrets scans revealed possible hidden chamber inside Tutankhamun’s tomb
29/02/2017  Stunning photographs of Egypts new National Museum of Egyptian civilisation
29/02/2017 Watercolours by mysterious artist go on show after 50 years in the shadow
29/02/2017  Temple culture in Ptolemaic  Egypt alive and kicking
29/02/2017 Archaeological exca vations museum inaugarated in the Aswan after 6 year closure
29/02/2017  Egypt’s antiquities ministries restores Colossus of Rammeses 11 t Karnak Temple
13/02/2017  The mastaba (Tomb) of Qar (Meryrênefer), found in Giza and dating from the sixth dynasty
13/02/2017 Best Egyptian collection in Latin America revealed in Cuba
13/02/17 For ancient Egyptians life was a banquet but when they were in the Afterlife was  even better
13/02/2017 Monumental building complex discovered in Nile Delta
01/02/2017  Mrs Naunakhte: An ancient Egyptian life in stone

01/02/2017 Zahi Hawass discusses the Tomb of Nerfertiti, Indiana Jones and Aliens

01/02/2017  house basements used for illegal excavations
01/02/2017  Great discovery.. Royal tomb of a scribe discovered in Luxor ..ancient Thebes <
04/12/2016 Tutankhamuns chariot assessories
16/11/2016 Royal Tomb of the Pharaoh Akenaten
14/11/2016 New discovery at Thutmose 111 temple in Luxor
30/08/2016 Early Kushite tombs of Asasif
30/08/2016 Ancient Egyptian tool discovered in a wardrobe in Derbyshire, United Kingdom
30/08/2016  twenty-Fifth Dynasty burial chamber discovered in Asasif on Luxor’s West Bank
12/08/2016 Egyptian Museum asks Facebook followers to vote on artefact of the month
12/08/2016 Sattjeni daughter of the governor of Elephantine
12/08/16 The leading lady of Elephantine Part 1
12/08/16 Lady Sattjeni of Elephantine  Middle Kingdom
12/08/16 Sensational Grave Find in Cypriote Bronze Age City
01/08/2016 Genetic Study of Andaman Islanders Uncovers New Human Ancestor
01/08/2016 World’s First Geologic Map Was Far Ahead of Its Time
01/08/2016 A map of Egypt’s archaeological sites to be launched
01/08/2016 Historic Find at Tel-Hazor: A Statue of an Egyptian Official
01/08/2016  Hebrew University excavations unearth part of unique Sphinx of Egyptian king and pyramid builder
08/07/16 Japanese expert conservator comes to the rescue of King tuts treasure trove
08/07/16 Digital map seeks to document trail of destruction of Egyptian antiquities
11/06/16 China adds another Sphinx to its replica monument collection
11/06/16 Team hopes new scanner could unlock secrets inside Great Pyramid
11/06/16  Student discovers 3,330 year old ancient Egyptian amulet
30/05/16 Is Nefertiti buried in Tutankhamun’s tombs
30/05/2016 Archaeologist make discoveries as the Giza Pyramid complex
30/05/16 Mummy of very important female discovered in Aswan
22/05/16 Ruins unearthed suggest the existence of 30th Dynasty King Nactanebo tomb in Cairo
 22/05/16  Is the golden age of pyramids coming back?
22/5/16 Conservators want to light up Obelisk in Central Park
20/03/16 Why Egypt is placing its pyramids under military protection
20/03/16 A new angle on the Great Pyramid
20/03/16  Statues discovered in temple of Amenhotep III temple in the West Bank Luxor
20/03/16 Holy predynastic graffiti uncovered in Aswan
13/03/16 Amazing mummies-King Tuts great grandparents
13/03/16 The oldest known recipe for tooth paste originates from ancient Egypt
13/03/16  Video: 3D The lost Egyptian throne of Queen Hetepheres
13/03/16 The mystery of Queen Hetepheres burial in ancient Egypt
27/02/16 Artist covertly 3D scan Bust of Nefertiti and release data for free online
27/02/16  Pyramid tomb chamber of Meroitic Queen Khennuwa reopened
27/02/16 Satellite imaging exposes 400 year old tomb
27/02/16  Tomb of Djehuty in 3D
27/02/16 Smuggled ancient sculpture returned to Egypt
14/02/16 Replica of the tomb of Osiris discovered in Egypt
14/02/16 Megalithic stones detected beneath Durrington Walls near Stonehenge
14/02/16 Urban myth confirmed as archaeologists discover hidden tunnels in Mexico
 14/02/16 River of Mercury discovered in Underworld of the Pyramid of the Sun
14/02/16 4,000 year old Egyptian manuscript rediscovered
14/02/16  Tomb of unknown Egyptian queen discovered
14/02/16 Etruscan tomb with sarcophagi and treasures unearthed in Italy
14/02/16    Ultra lights reveals hidden text in ancient book of Arthurian stories     
14/02/16 Mystery of the origins of the Basque solved
14/02/16 Mummified monk revealed inside Buddha statue
02/02/16 Guide book to ancient Egyptian Afterlife
02/02/16 Ten things you probably did not know about ancient Egyptians
02/02/16  Thirty ancient Egyptian artifacts discovered while constructing residential house in the Delta region
02/02/16 Sarah Parcak Space Archaologist
02/02/16 Bronze artifacts discovered in pharaonic city of Rou-Nefer in Tal Tablala area
10/01/16 Archaeologist make major discovery in Sudan
07/01/16 Sunken City: Egypt’s Lost World exhibition British Museum
06/01/16 6 figures cut in rock discovered at Gebel Al-Silsila in Aswan
06/01/16  Amenhotep III accidentally discovered in Edfu
 28/12/15   A Step Pyramid 4,600 years old discovered in Egypt
 29/12/15 The secret chambers of the pyramids sought after using cosmic rays
29/12/15  Stolen relief of King Seti l recovered in London
29/12/15 What can we learn from the ancient Egyptian practice of Beekeeping
16/12/15 Tale of the ancient Magic lake in Qena, Upper Egypt
16/12/15 Secrets of the Great Pyramid–Great-Pyramid.aspx
16/12/15  “Gods of Egypt” raises concern against race in Hollywood–Culture/Entertainment/Gods-of-Egypt-raises-concerns-on-casting-against-r.aspx
16/12/15 Ptolemaic temple discovered in Luxor
02/12/15  Sarcophagus of 22nd Dynasty nobleman discovered
10/011/15 Egypt detects impressive mystery anomaly in Giza pyramids
01/11/15  Where is the tomb of Nefertiti?
01/11/15  What lies beneath .. the sands
01/11/15  Egypt’s Antiquities Minister reveal that they are planning to develop an underwater museum
01/11/15   Egypt’s Minister for Antiquities reveals details of Scan Pyramid project
14/10/15  The female kings of ancient Egypt
14/10/15  Egypt’s Antiquities Minister confirms the existence of hidden chambers in Tutankhamen’s tomb
14/10/15 Desperately seeking queen Nefertiti
15/09/15 Tomb discovered of 26th Dynasty ruler of Upper Egypt
15/09/15  Sixteen pyramids discovered in ancient cemetery in Kush (Sudan)
15/09/15 Can Egypt recover the statue of Sekhemka?
15/09/15  The 5,000 year old secret of the watermelon in ancient Egypt and the ancient world
15/09/15 The Tomb of  the vizier Rekhmire in Thebes
15/09/15 nine strange uses for ancient Egyptian mummies
15/09/15 ancient Egyptian mummies embalmed with usual recipe
15/09/15 Ancient grave site in Alexandria was buried
15/09/15  what lies beneath the sand
26/07/2015 American archaeologists discover artefacts at ancient Egyptian mining site
25/07/2015  Amazing new archaeological discovery helps to rewrite the history
25/07/2015  First time in 3500 years Royal tombs open at night
25/07/2015  New excavations in the Valley of the Kings
25/06/15 Astronaut catches rare photo of the Giza Pyramids from his Space Station
25/06/15 An ancient Egyptian shroud  to be sold in Paris auction
25/06/15 Egypt recovers 2700 year old statues from auction house in Germany
09/06/15  Amazing drone footage of Nubian pyramids
09/06/15  Relocating the temples of Abul Simbel
09/06/15 Six tombs discovered in Aswan
09/06/15  Long lost Egyptian temple discovered
09/06/15  Sudan’s Pyramids go unvisited
09/06/15  France returns 240 illegally smuggled artifacts to Egypt
09/06/15  Old Kingdom Tombs reopened in Giza
19/05/15 ancient Egytp- Nubian royal pyramids at al-Begrawiya area in Nahar Al-Neel (River Nile) State, 200 km north of Khartoum
19/05/15 ancient Egypt – Animals in ancient Egypt
19/05/15 Ancient Egypt – Pharaoh on the move
19/05/2015 Ancient Egypt -Eyptian jewellery and pottery recovered from a looted tomb in Israel
14/05/15  Man builds a gold Pyramid in Illinois and guess what happens next
12/05/15 A collection of smuggle artifacts will be returned from Swizerland back to the Egyptian government
12/05/15 Campaigners fight for the statue of Sekhemka to be returned to Egypt
12/05/15 Temple from reign of King Nectanebu I discovered in Cairo
12/05/15 Smuggled treasures repatriated to Egypt from the U.S.
12/05/15 Official opening of two Old kingdom tombs
12/05/15 Man from Virginia makes claim to land on Egypt Sudan border and creates his own Kingdom of North Sudan,-makes-da.aspx
12/05/15  Lighthouse in Alexandria to be reassembled in original location
25/04/15 Two millennium old chapel discovered in Cairo
25/04/15 Polish archeological team to excavate Greco-Roman sites in Alexandria
25/04/15 Tombs of two Priests from the reign of 6th dynasty King Pepi II  discovered in Saqqara.
25/04/15 ancient Egyptian artifacts illegally imported to Australia are returned
25/04/15 Egypt bans the import of Egyptian souvenirs
19/03/14 Excavation of pit near the Temple  of Ptah discovers over 38 artifacts
19/03/15  Dance in ancient Egypt
19/03/15  Scientist examine the mummies of the Priests of the pharaoh queen Hatshepsut
19/03/15 Hathor and her temple at Dendera
19/03/15 More news on discovery of replica Osiris tomb
19/03/15 Seven habits modern Egyptians inherited from the Pharaohs
19/03/15  Tomb discovered in Qurna, Luxor
22/02/15 Egyptologist Champollion’s pantheon of gods
22/02/15 Animals in ancient Egypt
22/02/15 ancient Egyptian Petrie Museum collection in 3D
22/02/15 ancient Egyptian Cat statue saved from the rubbish skip
14/02/15 What has happened to Tutankhamun’s mask?
14/02/15 Relief depicting rare ancient Egyptian image unearthed
14/02/15  35,000-year-old skeleton to return to Egypt
14/02/15 Mummy mask may reveal oldest  gospel
14/02/15 Graeco-Roman necropolis discovered in Alexandria
13/01/15 Osiris tomb discovered in Luxor
13/01/15 Pharaonic carving discovered
27/12/14 Mummy of singer to the god Amun discovered near tomb of A mehotep Huy
27/12/14 Tomb of Queen Karomama 22nd Dynasty re-discovered
27/12/2014 the Top ten most expensive beers in the world
25/12/2014 archaeologists discover Ancient egyptian cemetry which contains over 1 million  mummies
27/12/2014 Collassal statue of Amenhotpe 111 rises again and is restored 3200 years after damage in earthquake
27/12/2014  Exhibition- ancient City of Meroe in Punt and the head of the Roman Emporer Augustus
16/12/14 Sacred objects and statues discovered during excavations at the temple of Ptah at Karnak in Luxor
16/12/14 Tomb of Huy now re-open to the public
14/11/2014 The Sphinz of Giza to re-open to the general public
12/11/2014  A is for the Acholi or Acoli tribe  of the Western Nile
08/011/2014 the Petrie Museum, London reveals some of its hidden secrets
08/11/2014 Man arrested after digging up a temple under his house
08/11/2014 Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus discovered in Essex pensioners living room
26/0ct/2014 Luxor (ancient day Thebes celebrate 110th anniversary of Queen Nefertari tomb discovery
19/09/2014  3,300  year old ancient Egyptian women discovered with over 70 hair extensions
19/009/2014 San Diego Archaeological team discover rare scarab from biblical times
19/09/2014 Temple of Knum south of Luxor  jeopardized by rising water
10/09/2014 King Amenhotep111 and his beloved wife Queen Tiye
10/09/2014 What happened to the missing mummies of Egypt’s lost queens ?
10/09/2014 Egyptian tourism police stop underwater artifacts theft
10/09/2014 “Magic in ancient Egypt” Exhibition
10/09/2014 Gold of the Gods exhibition Museum of Fine Arts in Boston exhibition
02/9/14 Ancient Egyptian women used crocodile dung as a contraceptive True or false?
02/09/2014 The pictures inside the mummy of the ancient Egyptian singer Tarmut
19/08/2014 Archaeologists discovered 2,000 year old underground ancient ‘Kushite cemetary and burial chambers in Modern Dangeil, Sudan
19/08/2014 The Tomb of Ankhtifi a military leader   and Govenor at Hierakonpolis during the First Intermediate Period  2110BC
19/08/2014  A chapel  of the Pharoah  Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II discovered in grounds outside house in Abydos
19/08/2014 Wooden mallet brought at carboot sale for £3 turns out to be ancient egyptian artifact
19/08/2014 Ancient Priest’s tomb painting discovered near Giza
05/08/2014 The Mourning Ritual in the Opening of the Mouth Ritual
01/07/2014 Touristm police arrest two men caught stealing a royal mummy
26/06/2014 How Cleopatra’s Needle got to Central Park
26/06/2014  Ancient Egyptian Remedies
02/06/2014 9 mummies discovered in ancient Egyptian burial chamber in the Awan
30/05/2014  Temple dedicated to Isis and the God of the Nile Hapy
22/05/2014 Tomb of  Royal Messenger  reveals facinating  artwork about the  afterlife
22/05/2014  Coffin of Sacred femple  temple chantress discovered in Saqqara
22/05/2014 Temple of Isis discovered on eastern part of the River Nile at Beni Suef
16/05/2014  Germany returns three ancient artifacts to Egypt
16/05/2014  Mysterious artifacts discovered at ancient Egyptian burial site
16/05/2014 Tomb of royal children discovered in Valley of the Kings
27/04/2014 Tomb discovered in Giza
27/04/2013 Ancient Egyptian tombs from the 26th Dynasty have been discovered in the Egyptian city of per Medjet
26/03/2014 Remains of high Official  who lived during the 5th Dynasty the supervisor of the royal documents and The House of gold  discovered.
15/03/2014 Tutankhamun’s Blood
05/03/2014 Four rock tombs discovered in Elephantine, Aswan
05/03/2014 Tomb of MAii  dated to the 18th Dynasty discovered in Thebes (modern day Luxor)
21/02/2014  US firm offers mummification and full ancient Egyptian burial rites for $40,000
18/02/2014 Tutankhamun ‘s brooch made from material originating from a 28 million year old comet that came to earth
16/02/2014 Eat, Drink and be merry
16/02/2014 Rare wooden anthropoid sarcophagus discovered in Luxor
16/02/2014   The official openign of Precinct of the Temple of Mut in Karnak—karnak.html
16/02/2014     125 ancient Egyptian antiquities removed from  sale on eBay
16/02/2014  Discovery in tomb of Vizier amen-hotep Huy

05/02/2014  The Pyramidion of Wedjahor

20/01/14 two German students scraped away some ancient writing  inthe Great pyramid to “prove” the Great Pyramids are 20,000 years old.
20/01/2014  Two germans damage king  Cheops pyramids chamber to prove the existence of the lost civilisation of Atlantis
20/01/2014 Egypt starts world wide search for stole ancient Egyptian artifacts
20/01/2014 Evidence of a Forgotten Egyptian Dynasty from 3,600 Years Ago  discovered at Abydos
16/01/2014 Experts find Pharaohs royal cartouche in newly discoverd tomb
07/01/2014   American archaeologist discovers of Pharaoh Sobekhotep in Abydos
04/01/2014 3,000 tomb of  the Overseer of the Granaries and Beer Making to the Goddess Mut   has been discovered in Luxor
03/01/2014  Discovery- The intact tomb of  Herihor the high priest of Amun by Polish tomb,Poles-seek-funds-to-uncover-Ancient-Egyptian-tomb
03/01/2014 Stolen Statue of 26th Dynasty ancient Egyptian prince returned to Egypt  by the  Belguim government.
03/01/2014 A tug of war over ancient Egyptian treasures
03/01/2014 Former antiquities minister Zahi Hawass speaks out.
03/01/2014      93 ancient Egyptian amulets missing from Aswan storage site