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14/11/2018 Latest discovery: Cats, mummies, and animal statues discovered in ancient Egyptian sarcophagi at Saqqara
22/10/2018  3,000 year old  tattooed Mummy was top official or a member of the ancient Egyptian elite
22/10/2018 Latest discovery: Tomb containing statue of Kairis “Beloved by his lord, Keeper of the Secret of the house of Morning, Friend/courtier of the King”
22/10/2018 Latest discovery:  two ancient Egyptian sandstone paintings have been found in Upper Egypt in the Aswan district
7th August 2018  the Amarna Letters containing correspondence between Akhenaten and his allies
 7th August 2018  Fragments of 2600 year old statue of Nubian King discovered in River Nile temple
7th August 2018  Where is the tomb of King Tuts wife ?
18/07/2018  Mystery surrounds the  large black granite sarcophagus that has been discovered in a tomb in Alexandria
18/07/2018  Saqqara burial ground discovery could reveal mummification secrets
12/07/2018`The FBI crack the DNA of an ancient Egyptian mummy
12/07/2018 Statue of  the god Osiris discovered in ancient Egyptian pyramid
12/07/2018  ancient Egyptian brewery over 5000 years old discovered
28/06/2018 “Buhen” the sunken fortress under the River Nile
28/06/2018 The children of Cleopatra and Mark Antony
28/06/2018 Egyptologist discover the Mummy case of a hawk actually contained human remains
28/06/2018  Canopic jars from 26th century discovered in Luxor
15/06/2018  The Making of Assassins Creed. “Interview with Perrine Poiron”
15/06/2018 Renovation of discovered head of Ramses II
15/06/2018 The Dream Stela of ancient Egypt
15/06/2018  Ancient Egypt: 3000 year old hieroglyphic formed writing discovered in desert
24/11/2017  ancient Egyptian artifacts returned to Egypt from Cyprus ministries,-vas.aspx
21/11/2017 Scientists announce discovery of a hidden chamber in Great Pyramid of Giza
21/11/2017 Discovered: New gold treasure from the tomb of Tutankhamun
21/11/2017  Discovered Ancient shipwrecks full of ancient Egyptian treasures
09/11/2017 Latest ancient Egyptian discoveries in Luxor
09/11/2017       2,000 year old ancient Egyptian child mummy reveals its secrets
09/11/2017 cursed tomb of pyramid workers opended 30 years after its discovery
09/11/2017 Egypt opens up three newly restored tombs in Luxor
09/11/2017  ancient remains of pregnant women discovered near ancient Egyptian temple of Hathor located by Kings Solomon Mine
09/11/2017 Big void discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza
18/10/2017 4000 year old wooden head of a female discovered Saqqara
01/10/2017  Gypsum head of Pharaoh Akhenaten discovered in Tel-El-Amarna
19/09/2017 Archaeologists discover tomb of Royal Goldsmith Amenemhat in Luxor (ancient Thebes)
19/09/2017  Newly unearthered ancient Egyptian tomb with mummies unveiled in Egypt
19/09/2017 Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh may be the worlds first known giant
06/08/2017 Five killed while illegally digging for antiquities in Egypt’s Sohag area
06/08/2017 King’s Tut camping bed was an ancient marvel
14/07/2017 Ancient Egyptian warnings, curses and ghosts
14/07/2017 Restoration of king Tuts armor complete
14/07/2017 The most famous ancient Egyptian site you have never heard of
14/07/2017 The women of Deir-al-Medina
14/07/2017  Seventeen mummies discovered at El-Minya site–mummies-unearthed-in-Egypts-ElMinya.aspx
14/07/2017 Embalming materials belong to the Middle Kingdom Vizier Ipi discovered on the West Bank
 14/07/2017 Egypt recovers four ancient Egyptian artefacts from the United Kingdom
14/07/2017 A lintel inscribed with the cartouche of Sesostris II was unearthed at Heryshef temple in Ihnasya
14/07/2017  Inscriptions showing early hieroglypic writings discovered at site in South Luxor
14/07/2017 Recreating the aroma on incense in the ancient city
14/07/2017 Pairing ancient history with fine wine
14/07/2017 Salvaging King Khufu’s second Solar Boat
06/06/2017 Five things to consider when dealing with Egyptian artifacts
06/05/2017  A new look at the pyramids of  ancient Nubia
06/05/2017 Two men killed when house collapsed  while they were doing illegal dig
06/05/2017 PHOTO GALLERY of latest discover of 18th Dynasty tomb of magistrate in West Luxor
06/05/2017 Egyptian archaeologists discover 18th Dynasty tomb of a magistrate in West Luxor
06/05/2017  Unique funerary garden discovered in ancient Thebes
12/03/2017 Archaeologists discover 66 statues of Sekmet the lioness goddess
11/03/2017 dig diary of Joint expedition to Malqata
11.03.2017  Ancient Egyptian statue of Ramses 11 discovered in Cairo dump
29/02/2017  Tutankhamun  ancient Egyptian funerary environment
29/02/2017  Tomos, ancient Kush Achaeological site  Diggers Blog
29/02/2017  More secrets scans revealed possible hidden chamber inside Tutankhamun’s tomb
29/02/2017  Stunning photographs of Egypts new National Museum of Egyptian civilisation
29/02/2017 Watercolours by mysterious artist go on show after 50 years in the shadow
29/02/2017  Temple culture in Ptolemaic  Egypt alive and kicking
29/02/2017 Archaeological exca vations museum inaugarated in the Aswan after 6 year closure
29/02/2017  Egypt’s antiquities ministries restores Colossus of Rammeses 11 t Karnak Temple
13/02/2017  The mastaba (Tomb) of Qar (Meryrênefer), found in Giza and dating from the sixth dynasty
13/02/2017 Best Egyptian collection in Latin America revealed in Cuba
13/02/17 For ancient Egyptians life was a banquet but when they were in the Afterlife was  even better
13/02/2017 Monumental building complex discovered in Nile Delta
01/02/2017  Mrs Naunakhte: An ancient Egyptian life in stone

01/02/2017 Zahi Hawass discusses the Tomb of Nerfertiti, Indiana Jones and Aliens

01/02/2017  house basements used for illegal excavations
01/02/2017  Great discovery.. Royal tomb of a scribe discovered in Luxor ..ancient Thebes <
04/12/2016 Tutankhamuns chariot assessories
16/11/2016 Royal Tomb of the Pharaoh Akenaten
14/11/2016 New discovery at Thutmose 111 temple in Luxor
30/08/2016 Early Kushite tombs of Asasif
30/08/2016 Ancient Egyptian tool discovered in a wardrobe in Derbyshire, United Kingdom
30/08/2016  twenty-Fifth Dynasty burial chamber discovered in Asasif on Luxor’s West Bank
12/08/2016 Egyptian Museum asks Facebook followers to vote on artefact of the month
12/08/2016 Sattjeni daughter of the governor of Elephantine
12/08/16 The leading lady of Elephantine Part 1
12/08/16 Lady Sattjeni of Elephantine  Middle Kingdom
12/08/16 Sensational Grave Find in Cypriote Bronze Age City
01/08/2016 Genetic Study of Andaman Islanders Uncovers New Human Ancestor
01/08/2016 World’s First Geologic Map Was Far Ahead of Its Time
01/08/2016 A map of Egypt’s archaeological sites to be launched
01/08/2016 Historic Find at Tel-Hazor: A Statue of an Egyptian Official
01/08/2016  Hebrew University excavations unearth part of unique Sphinx of Egyptian king and pyramid builder
08/07/16 Japanese expert conservator comes to the rescue of King tuts treasure trove
08/07/16 Digital map seeks to document trail of destruction of Egyptian antiquities
11/06/16 China adds another Sphinx to its replica monument collection
11/06/16 Team hopes new scanner could unlock secrets inside Great Pyramid
11/06/16  Student discovers 3,330 year old ancient Egyptian amulet
30/05/16 Is Nefertiti buried in Tutankhamun’s tombs
30/05/2016 Archaeologist make discoveries as the Giza Pyramid complex
30/05/16 Mummy of very important female discovered in Aswan
22/05/16 Ruins unearthed suggest the existence of 30th Dynasty King Nactanebo tomb in Cairo
 22/05/16  Is the golden age of pyramids coming back?
22/5/16 Conservators want to light up Obelisk in Central Park
20/03/16 Why Egypt is placing its pyramids under military protection
20/03/16 A new angle on the Great Pyramid
20/03/16  Statues discovered in temple of Amenhotep III temple in the West Bank Luxor
20/03/16 Holy predynastic graffiti uncovered in Aswan
13/03/16 Amazing mummies-King Tuts great grandparents
13/03/16 The oldest known recipe for tooth paste originates from ancient Egypt
13/03/16  Video: 3D The lost Egyptian throne of Queen Hetepheres
13/03/16 The mystery of Queen Hetepheres burial in ancient Egypt
27/02/16 Artist covertly 3D scan Bust of Nefertiti and release data for free online
27/02/16  Pyramid tomb chamber of Meroitic Queen Khennuwa reopened
27/02/16 Satellite imaging exposes 400 year old tomb
27/02/16  Tomb of Djehuty in 3D
27/02/16 Smuggled ancient sculpture returned to Egypt
14/02/16 Replica of the tomb of Osiris discovered in Egypt
14/02/16 Megalithic stones detected beneath Durrington Walls near Stonehenge
14/02/16 Urban myth confirmed as archaeologists discover hidden tunnels in Mexico
 14/02/16 River of Mercury discovered in Underworld of the Pyramid of the Sun
14/02/16 4,000 year old Egyptian manuscript rediscovered
14/02/16  Tomb of unknown Egyptian queen discovered
14/02/16 Etruscan tomb with sarcophagi and treasures unearthed in Italy
14/02/16    Ultra lights reveals hidden text in ancient book of Arthurian stories     
14/02/16 Mystery of the origins of the Basque solved
14/02/16 Mummified monk revealed inside Buddha statue
02/02/16 Guide book to ancient Egyptian Afterlife
02/02/16 Ten things you probably did not know about ancient Egyptians
02/02/16  Thirty ancient Egyptian artifacts discovered while constructing residential house in the Delta region
02/02/16 Sarah Parcak Space Archaologist
02/02/16 Bronze artifacts discovered in pharaonic city of Rou-Nefer in Tal Tablala area
10/01/16 Archaeologist make major discovery in Sudan
07/01/16 Sunken City: Egypt’s Lost World exhibition British Museum
06/01/16 6 figures cut in rock discovered at Gebel Al-Silsila in Aswan
06/01/16  Amenhotep III accidentally discovered in Edfu
 28/12/15   A Step Pyramid 4,600 years old discovered in Egypt
 29/12/15 The secret chambers of the pyramids sought after using cosmic rays
29/12/15  Stolen relief of King Seti l recovered in London
29/12/15 What can we learn from the ancient Egyptian practice of Beekeeping
16/12/15 Tale of the ancient Magic lake in Qena, Upper Egypt
16/12/15 Secrets of the Great Pyramid–Great-Pyramid.aspx
16/12/15  “Gods of Egypt” raises concern against race in Hollywood–Culture/Entertainment/Gods-of-Egypt-raises-concerns-on-casting-against-r.aspx
16/12/15 Ptolemaic temple discovered in Luxor
02/12/15  Sarcophagus of 22nd Dynasty nobleman discovered
10/011/15 Egypt detects impressive mystery anomaly in Giza pyramids
01/11/15  Where is the tomb of Nefertiti?
01/11/15  What lies beneath .. the sands
01/11/15  Egypt’s Antiquities Minister reveal that they are planning to develop an underwater museum
01/11/15   Egypt’s Minister for Antiquities reveals details of Scan Pyramid project
14/10/15  The female kings of ancient Egypt
14/10/15  Egypt’s Antiquities Minister confirms the existence of hidden chambers in Tutankhamen’s tomb
14/10/15 Desperately seeking queen Nefertiti
15/09/15 Tomb discovered of 26th Dynasty ruler of Upper Egypt
15/09/15  Sixteen pyramids discovered in ancient cemetery in Kush (Sudan)
15/09/15 Can Egypt recover the statue of Sekhemka?
15/09/15  The 5,000 year old secret of the watermelon in ancient Egypt and the ancient world
15/09/15 The Tomb of  the vizier Rekhmire in Thebes
15/09/15 nine strange uses for ancient Egyptian mummies
15/09/15 ancient Egyptian mummies embalmed with usual recipe
15/09/15 Ancient grave site in Alexandria was buried
15/09/15  what lies beneath the sand
26/07/2015 American archaeologists discover artefacts at ancient Egyptian mining site
25/07/2015  Amazing new archaeological discovery helps to rewrite the history
25/07/2015  First time in 3500 years Royal tombs open at night
25/07/2015  New excavations in the Valley of the Kings
25/06/15 Astronaut catches rare photo of the Giza Pyramids from his Space Station
25/06/15 An ancient Egyptian shroud  to be sold in Paris auction
25/06/15 Egypt recovers 2700 year old statues from auction house in Germany
09/06/15  Amazing drone footage of Nubian pyramids
09/06/15  Relocating the temples of Abul Simbel
09/06/15 Six tombs discovered in Aswan
09/06/15  Long lost Egyptian temple discovered
09/06/15  Sudan’s Pyramids go unvisited
09/06/15  France returns 240 illegally smuggled artifacts to Egypt
09/06/15  Old Kingdom Tombs reopened in Giza
19/05/15 ancient Egytp- Nubian royal pyramids at al-Begrawiya area in Nahar Al-Neel (River Nile) State, 200 km north of Khartoum
19/05/15 ancient Egypt – Animals in ancient Egypt
19/05/15 Ancient Egypt – Pharaoh on the move
19/05/2015 Ancient Egypt -Eyptian jewellery and pottery recovered from a looted tomb in Israel
14/05/15  Man builds a gold Pyramid in Illinois and guess what happens next
12/05/15 A collection of smuggle artifacts will be returned from Swizerland back to the Egyptian government
12/05/15 Campaigners fight for the statue of Sekhemka to be returned to Egypt
12/05/15 Temple from reign of King Nectanebu I discovered in Cairo
12/05/15 Smuggled treasures repatriated to Egypt from the U.S.
12/05/15 Official opening of two Old kingdom tombs
12/05/15 Man from Virginia makes claim to land on Egypt Sudan border and creates his own Kingdom of North Sudan,-makes-da.aspx
12/05/15  Lighthouse in Alexandria to be reassembled in original location
25/04/15 Two millennium old chapel discovered in Cairo
25/04/15 Polish archeological team to excavate Greco-Roman sites in Alexandria
25/04/15 Tombs of two Priests from the reign of 6th dynasty King Pepi II  discovered in Saqqara.
25/04/15 ancient Egyptian artifacts illegally imported to Australia are returned
25/04/15 Egypt bans the import of Egyptian souvenirs
19/03/14 Excavation of pit near the Temple  of Ptah discovers over 38 artifacts
19/03/15  Dance in ancient Egypt
19/03/15  Scientist examine the mummies of the Priests of the pharaoh queen Hatshepsut
19/03/15 Hathor and her temple at Dendera
19/03/15 More news on discovery of replica Osiris tomb
19/03/15 Seven habits modern Egyptians inherited from the Pharaohs
19/03/15  Tomb discovered in Qurna, Luxor
22/02/15 Egyptologist Champollion’s pantheon of gods
22/02/15 Animals in ancient Egypt
22/02/15 ancient Egyptian Petrie Museum collection in 3D
22/02/15 ancient Egyptian Cat statue saved from the rubbish skip
14/02/15 What has happened to Tutankhamun’s mask?
14/02/15 Relief depicting rare ancient Egyptian image unearthed
14/02/15  35,000-year-old skeleton to return to Egypt
14/02/15 Mummy mask may reveal oldest  gospel
14/02/15 Graeco-Roman necropolis discovered in Alexandria
13/01/15 Osiris tomb discovered in Luxor
13/01/15 Pharaonic carving discovered
27/12/14 Mummy of singer to the god Amun discovered near tomb of A mehotep Huy
27/12/14 Tomb of Queen Karomama 22nd Dynasty re-discovered
27/12/2014 the Top ten most expensive beers in the world
25/12/2014 archaeologists discover Ancient egyptian cemetry which contains over 1 million  mummies
27/12/2014 Collassal statue of Amenhotpe 111 rises again and is restored 3200 years after damage in earthquake
27/12/2014  Exhibition- ancient City of Meroe in Punt and the head of the Roman Emporer Augustus
16/12/14 Sacred objects and statues discovered during excavations at the temple of Ptah at Karnak in Luxor
16/12/14 Tomb of Huy now re-open to the public
14/11/2014 The Sphinz of Giza to re-open to the general public
12/11/2014  A is for the Acholi or Acoli tribe  of the Western Nile
08/011/2014 the Petrie Museum, London reveals some of its hidden secrets
08/11/2014 Man arrested after digging up a temple under his house
08/11/2014 Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus discovered in Essex pensioners living room
26/0ct/2014 Luxor (ancient day Thebes celebrate 110th anniversary of Queen Nefertari tomb discovery
19/09/2014  3,300  year old ancient Egyptian women discovered with over 70 hair extensions
19/009/2014 San Diego Archaeological team discover rare scarab from biblical times
19/09/2014 Temple of Knum south of Luxor  jeopardized by rising water
10/09/2014 King Amenhotep111 and his beloved wife Queen Tiye
10/09/2014 What happened to the missing mummies of Egypt’s lost queens ?
10/09/2014 Egyptian tourism police stop underwater artifacts theft
10/09/2014 “Magic in ancient Egypt” Exhibition
10/09/2014 Gold of the Gods exhibition Museum of Fine Arts in Boston exhibition
02/9/14 Ancient Egyptian women used crocodile dung as a contraceptive True or false?
02/09/2014 The pictures inside the mummy of the ancient Egyptian singer Tarmut
19/08/2014 Archaeologists discovered 2,000 year old underground ancient ‘Kushite cemetary and burial chambers in Modern Dangeil, Sudan
19/08/2014 The Tomb of Ankhtifi a military leader   and Govenor at Hierakonpolis during the First Intermediate Period  2110BC
19/08/2014  A chapel  of the Pharoah  Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II discovered in grounds outside house in Abydos
19/08/2014 Wooden mallet brought at carboot sale for £3 turns out to be ancient egyptian artifact
19/08/2014 Ancient Priest’s tomb painting discovered near Giza
05/08/2014 The Mourning Ritual in the Opening of the Mouth Ritual
01/07/2014 Touristm police arrest two men caught stealing a royal mummy
26/06/2014 How Cleopatra’s Needle got to Central Park
26/06/2014  Ancient Egyptian Remedies
02/06/2014 9 mummies discovered in ancient Egyptian burial chamber in the Awan
30/05/2014  Temple dedicated to Isis and the God of the Nile Hapy
22/05/2014 Tomb of  Royal Messenger  reveals facinating  artwork about the  afterlife
22/05/2014  Coffin of Sacred femple  temple chantress discovered in Saqqara
22/05/2014 Temple of Isis discovered on eastern part of the River Nile at Beni Suef
16/05/2014  Germany returns three ancient artifacts to Egypt
16/05/2014  Mysterious artifacts discovered at ancient Egyptian burial site
16/05/2014 Tomb of royal children discovered in Valley of the Kings
27/04/2014 Tomb discovered in Giza
27/04/2013 Ancient Egyptian tombs from the 26th Dynasty have been discovered in the Egyptian city of per Medjet
26/03/2014 Remains of high Official  who lived during the 5th Dynasty the supervisor of the royal documents and The House of gold  discovered.
15/03/2014 Tutankhamun’s Blood
05/03/2014 Four rock tombs discovered in Elephantine, Aswan
05/03/2014 Tomb of MAii  dated to the 18th Dynasty discovered in Thebes (modern day Luxor)
21/02/2014  US firm offers mummification and full ancient Egyptian burial rites for $40,000
18/02/2014 Tutankhamun ‘s brooch made from material originating from a 28 million year old comet that came to earth
16/02/2014 Eat, Drink and be merry
16/02/2014 Rare wooden anthropoid sarcophagus discovered in Luxor
16/02/2014   The official openign of Precinct of the Temple of Mut in Karnak—karnak.html
16/02/2014     125 ancient Egyptian antiquities removed from  sale on eBay
16/02/2014  Discovery in tomb of Vizier amen-hotep Huy

05/02/2014  The Pyramidion of Wedjahor

20/01/14 two German students scraped away some ancient writing  inthe Great pyramid to “prove” the Great Pyramids are 20,000 years old.
20/01/2014  Two germans damage king  Cheops pyramids chamber to prove the existence of the lost civilisation of Atlantis
20/01/2014 Egypt starts world wide search for stole ancient Egyptian artifacts
20/01/2014 Evidence of a Forgotten Egyptian Dynasty from 3,600 Years Ago  discovered at Abydos
16/01/2014 Experts find Pharaohs royal cartouche in newly discoverd tomb
07/01/2014   American archaeologist discovers of Pharaoh Sobekhotep in Abydos
04/01/2014 3,000 tomb of  the Overseer of the Granaries and Beer Making to the Goddess Mut   has been discovered in Luxor
03/01/2014  Discovery- The intact tomb of  Herihor the high priest of Amun by Polish tomb,Poles-seek-funds-to-uncover-Ancient-Egyptian-tomb
03/01/2014 Stolen Statue of 26th Dynasty ancient Egyptian prince returned to Egypt  by the  Belguim government.
03/01/2014 A tug of war over ancient Egyptian treasures
03/01/2014 Former antiquities minister Zahi Hawass speaks out.
03/01/2014      93 ancient Egyptian amulets missing from Aswan storage site