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 Ahmose 1 (Amosis) c.1550-1525B.C
Throne Name: Neb-Pehty-Re “The Lord of Strength is Re”
  • Birth Name: Ahmoses “The Moon is Born”
  • First Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty and the New Kingdom
  • During his reign Egypt was liberated from the Hykos
  • The Hykos were known a the Shepherd Kings
  • Hykos were a Semitic group of unknown origin
  • Amose 1 married his sister Ahmose-Nefertiri
  • Amose 1 had six daughters and three sons




King Aha cartouche

King Aha cartouche








  •  King Aha Ruler of Dynasty 1
  • Also Known as Hor Aha or Horus Aha “Meaning the fighting Hawk”
  • An artifact made out of ivory that was discovered in the tomb of Neithotep at Saqqara revealed King Aha taking part in  the “Recieving of the North and South unification of Upper and Lower Egypt celebrations
  • Thought to be the son of king Narmer
  • Reigned for around 62 years
  • King Aha was also thought by many academics to be King Menes.
  • Buried at Abydos












Queen Ahhotep 1st  c.1560-1530BC


  • Reigned during the 17th Dynasty
  • Meaning of “Ahhotep” is The Moon is satified
  • Daughter of Queen Tetisheri and Senakhtenre Ahmose
  • Siblings were Ahmose (who drove the Hykos from Egypt and established the 18th Dynasty. And her daughter Inhap
  • Married to Seqenenre Tao who died at the hands of the Hykos, (Semetic Asiatic invaders)
  • Mother of the famous Queen Ahmose Nefertari
  • Buried at the Dra Abu el-Naga royal cemetery on the West bank in ancient Thebes