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03/09/2019 Tutankhamens coffin restoration process to last for 8 months
03/09/2019 Why was Sigmund Freud so obsessed with Egypt?
27.07/2019 Scientist  discover the secret ingredients of ancient egyptians hair products
27/07/2019 Tutankhamum head sells at auction
03.04.2019 Why Do so many Egyptian statues have broken noses?
03/04/2019 How the Metroplitian museum convinced the U.S. Government that the Temple of Dendura belonged in New York

 03/04/2019 Latest discovery: Tomb of fifth Dynasty dignitary Khuwy discovered in Saqqara

14/11/2018 Latest discovery: Cats, mummies, and animal statues discovered in ancient Egyptian sarcophagi at Saqqara
22/10/2018  3,000 year old  tattooed Mummy was top official or a member of the ancient Egyptian elite
22/10/2018 Latest discovery: Tomb containing statue of Kairis “Beloved by his lord, Keeper of the Secret of the house of Morning, Friend/courtier of the King”
22/10/2018 Latest discovery:  two ancient Egyptian sandstone paintings have been found in Upper Egypt in the Aswan district
7th August 2018  the Amarna Letters containing correspondence between Akhenaten and his allies
 7th August 2018  Fragments of 2600 year old statue of Nubian King discovered in River Nile temple
7th August 2018  Where is the tomb of King Tuts wife ?
18/07/2018  Mystery surrounds the  large black granite sarcophagus that has been discovered in a tomb in Alexandria
18/07/2018  Saqqara burial ground discovery could reveal mummification secrets
12/07/2018`The FBI crack the DNA of an ancient Egyptian mummy
12/07/2018 Statue of  the god Osiris discovered in ancient Egyptian pyramid
12/07/2018  ancient Egyptian brewery over 5000 years old discovered
28/06/2018 “Buhen” the sunken fortress under the River Nile
28/06/2018 The children of Cleopatra and Mark Antony
28/06/2018 Egyptologist discover the Mummy case of a hawk actually contained human remains
28/06/2018  Canopic jars from 26th century discovered in Luxor
15/06/2018  The Making of Assassins Creed. “Interview with Perrine Poiron”
15/06/2018 Renovation of discovered head of Ramses II
15/06/2018 The Dream Stela of ancient Egypt
15/06/2018  Ancient Egypt: 3000 year old hieroglyphic formed writing discovered in desert
24/11/2017  ancient Egyptian artifacts returned to Egypt from Cyprus ministries,-vas.aspx
21/11/2017 Scientists announce discovery of a hidden chamber in Great Pyramid of Giza
21/11/2017 Discovered: New gold treasure from the tomb of Tutankhamun
21/11/2017  Discovered Ancient shipwrecks full of ancient Egyptian treasures
09/11/2017 Latest ancient Egyptian discoveries in Luxor
09/11/2017       2,000 year old ancient Egyptian child mummy reveals its secrets
09/11/2017 cursed tomb of pyramid workers opended 30 years after its discovery
09/11/2017 Egypt opens up three newly restored tombs in Luxor
09/11/2017  ancient remains of pregnant women discovered near ancient Egyptian temple of Hathor located by Kings Solomon Mine
09/11/2017 Big void discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza
18/10/2017 4000 year old wooden head of a female discovered Saqqara
01/10/2017  Gypsum head of Pharaoh Akhenaten discovered in Tel-El-Amarna
19/09/2017 Archaeologists discover tomb of Royal Goldsmith Amenemhat in Luxor (ancient Thebes)
19/09/2017  Newly unearthered ancient Egyptian tomb with mummies unveiled in Egypt
19/09/2017 Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh may be the worlds first known giant
06/08/2017 Five killed while illegally digging for antiquities in Egypt’s Sohag area
06/08/2017 King’s Tut camping bed was an ancient marvel
14/07/2017 Ancient Egyptian warnings, curses and ghosts
14/07/2017 Restoration of king Tuts armor complete
14/07/2017 The most famous ancient Egyptian site you have never heard of
14/07/2017 The women of Deir-al-Medina
14/07/2017  Seventeen mummies discovered at El-Minya site–mummies-unearthed-in-Egypts-ElMinya.aspx
14/07/2017 Embalming materials belong to the Middle Kingdom Vizier Ipi discovered on the West Bank
 14/07/2017 Egypt recovers four ancient Egyptian artefacts from the United Kingdom
14/07/2017 A lintel inscribed with the cartouche of Sesostris II was unearthed at Heryshef temple in Ihnasya
14/07/2017  Inscriptions showing early hieroglypic writings discovered at site in South Luxor
14/07/2017 Recreating the aroma on incense in the ancient city
14/07/2017 Pairing ancient history with fine wine
14/07/2017 Salvaging King Khufu’s second Solar Boat
06/06/2017 Five things to consider when dealing with Egyptian artifacts
06/05/2017  A new look at the pyramids of  ancient Nubia
06/05/2017 Two men killed when house collapsed  while they were doing illegal dig
06/05/2017 PHOTO GALLERY of latest discover of 18th Dynasty tomb of magistrate in West Luxor
06/05/2017 Egyptian archaeologists discover 18th Dynasty tomb of a magistrate in West Luxor
06/05/2017  Unique funerary garden discovered in ancient Thebes
12/03/2017 Archaeologists discover 66 statues of Sekmet the lioness goddess
11/03/2017 dig diary of Joint expedition to Malqata
11.03.2017  Ancient Egyptian statue of Ramses 11 discovered in Cairo dump
29/02/2017  Tutankhamun  ancient Egyptian funerary environment
29/02/2017  Tomos, ancient Kush Achaeological site  Diggers Blog
29/02/2017  More secrets scans revealed possible hidden chamber inside Tutankhamun’s tomb


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