The Heart Scarab

The amulet has a very important role within the history of ancient Egyptian religion, and they all have different purposes in protecting the well-being of the deceased. The heart scarab is a protective amulet that was created in the image of a scarab beetle, and was believed by the ancient Egyptians to be the manifistation of the creator and the solar deity Khepri. This scarab represented new life and resurrection.  And after the deceased had been embalmed, during the mummification the heart scarab amulet would be placed in between the bandages that were close to their heart.
During the symbolic ceremony of the Weighing of the Heart the deceased would have their heart weighed against the feather of MAAT, and if it was found to be heavier, then the deceased would be sent down to the underworld and be devoured by Ammit.  If, however, the deceased heart was lighter than the feather, they would be judged as worthy by the God Anubis, and they would be able to continue their journey.
During the Weighing of the Heart ceremony to ensure that the heart of the deceased did not speak out against them they had to utter a spell from the Book of The Dead. After this action, if the deceased was found to be worthy, then the Gods of the Great Ennead responded to the deceased with a a second spell, a magical utterance, which represents a Rights of Passage.  Once this part of the ceremony was over the deceased was now able to continue on their journey to the afterlife, and to eventually  join their ancestors and their king Osiris .


In predynastic times the heart scarab had no inscriptions on its reverse, except for some markings symbolising solar images or deities. And during the future years the heart scarab was produced using a large range of semi precious stones.  In earlier times obsidian was very popular because of the strength of the stone, and because of its colour black, a word, which the ancient Egyptians believed was a metaphor  for the term  “resurrection”.


Ancientegyptamania is offering you the chance to own your personal obsidian heart scarab secured in black wrappings,  along with two ancient Egyptian utterance spells from the Book of the Dead to protect your heart, when its time for you to go on that sacred journey to the land of Osiris.  For safe storage all of the items can all be packed away neatly in the black draw string bag  that will also be provided.(See pictures below)


Heart Scarab Material: Obsidian Size: 18x9mm Reverse markings: An eight pointed star signifying "Heaven"

Heart Scarab                                             Material: Obsidian                                       Size: 18x9mm                                                Reverse markings: An eight pointed star signifying “Heaven”


Small black net draw string bag

Small black net draw string bag

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