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If you are like me and enjoy reading books on ancient Egypt, I’m sure you will agree that it can get really confusing when you are browsing through the ancient Egyptian selection at your local bookshop thinking to yourself which one should I buy?

If I was given a penny for every time one of my Undergraduate students asked me what are the best books to buy? I would now be a very rich women. Basically I believe that the type of book that you should purchase should reflect your very own personal level of knowledge. If you are just starting out then I suggest that you buy a couple of good, well illustrated introduction books that cover all the areas of ancient Egyptian history, books that have lots of pictures and illustration

To help all you ancientegyptamanics get a better idea about the type of books that are available out there in the shops, the Book Corner has been divided into four sections, which should help you to get a foundation in the topic and also act as a reference tool for future reading.

Every six months we will be reviewing some of the latest ancient Egypt publications.

In this section the Editor will be selecting and reviewing her ancient Egypt pick off the shelf

In this section we will be given all of you ancientegyptamaniacs out there the opportunity to vote for the Book Corner “Top Ten” (all time great ancient Egypt books about ancient Egypt).

For all those ancienteyptamaniacs that are just starting out we have provided a list of ancientEgypt books that we feel could help you to gain a firm introduction to ancient Egyptian studies.


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