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The British Museum, Holborn, London.     Free entry
The Egyptian galleries is a must for any visitor that has a love for this ancient culture.  Filled  with treasures beyond one’s belief  you are immediately transported back in time from the moment you enter the ground floor gallery and set eyes on the colossal bust of Amenophis 111, the father of Akhenaten. The atmosphere constantly rings with excitement and discovery as visitors make their way around the large Victorian styled hall to view the Rosetta Stone, a gigantic stone scarab, mummies, kings lists, and the beard of the Sphinx. Just a few of the many splendours on view. My personal favourites are the four statues of the Goddess Sekmet, goddess of war and healing, that sit in reverence overseeing the daily hustle and bustle of the groups of tourists and school children who are eager to catch a glimpse of the past.
Well worth a visit…….. 




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