ancient Egypt courses for Undergraduates

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We suggest that you contact any of the establishments below to find out what ancient Egypt themed study programmes they have on offer. Also check out the information provided in the new website  UNISTATS   which lets you compare higher education data in order for you to find the best valued university course that suits your learning needs. to access site click on the link below:

Department of Archaeology
University of  Cambridge                                                                   

Department of Ancient History
University of Birmingham

Department of Archaeology
University of Bristol

Department of Archaeology
University of Durham

Office of Open Learning
University of Edinburgh

Department of Adult & Continuing Education
University of Glasgow

Institute of Archaeology
University College, London

School of Archaeology, Classics & Egyptology (SACE)
University of Liverpool

Distance Learning Courses (on line courses)
University of Manchester

Faculty of Oriental Studies Near and Middle East
Oxford University

Department of Classics
University of Wales & Swansea


Egyptian Studies
Stellenbosch University


Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies

University of Chicago

John Hopkins University

Institute of  Egyptian Art & Archaeology
University of Memphis

Department of Near Eastern Language and Civilisation
University of Pennslyvania

Department of Near Eastern Studies
University of California-Berkeley

Yale Egyptological Institute in Egypt
Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
Yale University


Near and Middle Eastern studies
University of Toronto


Department of Egyptology
Institute of Vienna


Department of Egyptology
University of Hamburg

Egyptian Institute
University of Heidelburg


Egyptian Studies
University of Milan

University of Pisa


University of Leiden


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