Dear ancientegyptamaniacs

If you are thinking of studying ancient Egypt history/archaeology then one of the first things you will need to get clear in your head is “why you want to”.
When I ask my students why they chose to study ancient Egyptian culture I found that the majority of their answers fitted into one of the following categories:

1. When I was young I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark and wanted to be Indiana Jones
2. I have always felt a strong connection with ancient Egypt
3. I wanted to do a degree so that I can get a better job and ancient Egyptian studies look interesting.

If you want to study ancient Egypt history and learn about one of the greatest ancient civilisations in Africa, then take a look at our Under Graduate/Postgraduate section for information because there are so many courses out there to suit everyone.

Also having a knowledge or qualification in French or Germans languages (so that you can read the foreign journals plus knowing an Arabic language is handy when you are on digs in Egypt) is useful but not always essential.

Who knows before you know it you could be fulfilling your dream of becoming an Egyptologist or feeding your hunger for the knowledge and end up on a dig in Egypt analysing 4000-year-old artefact’s that you just unearthed from a trench. “ancientegyptamaniacs” go for it.

Good luck


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