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This small collection of books have been specifically picked out for all those ancientegyptamaniacs who are just starting out on the road of discovery.  Basically you know what you want to achieve, but due to the high volume of information out there, have no idea where to start. When you buy these books take your time absorbing the abundance of ancient knowledge.



Cultural Atlas of ancient Egypt

Authors: John Baines, Jaromir Malek Publisher:Fact on File Inc ISBN:0816040362

The perfect general reference book for any Starter Kit


Author:Mark Collier,Bill Manley, Richard Parkinson Publisher: British MuseumPress ISBN:9780714119106

This is a good starting point for beginners interested in understanding how to interpret the ancient writings of the Egyptians. This teach- yourself- book will give the reader a practical foundation in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. In the text, the grammar of ancient Egypt is introduced using the inscriptions found on monuments, with an emphasis on learning to read and translate accurately. This book also contains a series of 43 exercises accompanied by an easy to follow ten-step guide, which is also supported by a reference section of sign-lists and a short dictionary at the end of the text. Background notes on general topics including gods, royal dynasties and principal sites have also been added with the intention of helping the reader to understand the historical  text.




Author: Alan H Gardiner Publisher: Griffiths Institute ISBN:9780900416354

If you want to understand the  ancient Egyptian society and gain an  in depth view of hieroglyphic symbolism, translation and transliteration this is the book for you.  Gardiners book is a classic for all want- to- be Egyptologists.   The dictionary is packed with fascinating detail and the exercises, which  will test you but ultimately teach you how to understand and read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Not easy to carry around but a valuable research tool. Enjoy


Author:George Hart Publisher: Routledge ISBN:9780710201676

The author has managed to provide the reader with a simple, quick easy to find reference paperback, which contains precise to the point information on the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt. This is a must for anyone’s starter kit. Its a perfect foundation in ancient Egyptian religion.

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